• Keep all your bookmarks onlineIf your computer crashes or your using a different computer in a differne place you can still get to ALL your bookmarks
  • Access your bookmarks from any browserWe don't play favorites, with browsers :) Whether you use IE, Firefor or Safari, on your desktop or mobile, you can still get to ALL your bookmarks
  • See thumbnail images of your bookmarksLike they said...a picture is worth a 1000 words, plus reading can make our heads hurt
  • Sort your bookmarksNewest first, oldest first, alphabetical or the ever popular 'sort by clicks' which shows your most popular bookmarks first
  • Tag your bookmarksUnfortunately organizing makes things easier, fortunately organizing makes things easier
  • Facebook integrationSharing to Facebook is simple
  • Twitter integrationSharing to twitter is also super simple
  • Bitly integrationThis takes those gigantic URLs and smooshes them down and makes the whole copy and paste thing easy
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